Our Mission

Our mission is to continue the legacy started in 1882, now 138 years ago, by my great-grandfather Bortolo Belfi. Not an easy task to keep a family business going for that long, but we secured another generation, generation 5, into the business as Luca, our eldest son joined the business in 2019. The main mission is to continue the business, continuing to create jobs, creating new flavours, finding new ideas and keeping Passion for what we do on a high. Only with passion one can keep growing as this feeds the soul to keep going and enjoying what one does. We are passionate about our products and motivate our staff who all passionately make the products you can enjoy as a client.  Its a team effort to make this happen and we are proud to have such great staff helping us as owners to continue to grow the business.

During the duration of the LOCKDOWN, Our online store

will be open for customers to purchase products.

However,orders will only be delivered once the lockdown has been lifted.

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